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The overall strategy of Hi Tech Office Ukraine is in line with the common goals and objectives of the Association, as defined in the Charter, and consists of the following main areas:

  1. Improvement of the legislative framework for the development of innovation projects and innovative business in Ukraine

The Hi Tech Office Ukraine together with the relevant committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, parliamentary factions, individual deputies and specialists of the departments of the Verkhovna Rada, representatives of industry associations, business and expert environment is working on the following legislative initiatives, in particular:

Agreed and approved by the Government:

  • Order number 67-r dated January 17, 2018 "The Concept for the Development of the Digital Economy of Ukraine for 2018-2020 and the Action Plan for its Implementation". The document can be found at the link: https://www.kmu.gov.ua/ua/npas/pro-shvalennya-koncepciyi-rozvitku-cifrovoyi-ekonomiki-ta-suspilstva-ukrayini-na-20182020-roki-ta-zatverdzhennya -plan-zahodiv-shodo-yiyi-realizaciyi
  • Developed and prepared for registration:

  • Law of Ukraine "About payment service providers";
  • Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "About Road Traffic and its Safety;
  • A new version of the law is being prepared:

  • New version of the Law of Ukraine "About payment systems and money transfer in Ukraine";
  • New edition of the Law of Ukraine "About Innovation Activity";
  • New version of the Law of Ukraine "About Public-Private Partnership";
  • Preparing for approval:

  • Law of Ukraine "About State Support to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Field of Innovation" (Law on Support for Start Up Projects);
  • Other legislative initiatives.
    1. Formation of a new state policy in the field of innovation support

    Implementation of the Action Plan for  realization of the The Concept for the Development of the Digital Economy of Ukraine for 2018-2020:

  • Establishing of the use of modern terminology in the digital sphere in accordance with European practices;
  • Determination of indices, indicators and methodologies for evaluating the digital development of Ukraine in accordance with international practices;
  • Ensuring regular digital development evaluations and identifying predictive indicators of Ukraine's digital development by 2020;
  • Development of a draft of the act of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on elimination of legislative, institutional and other barriers to the development of the digital economy, creating of appropriate conditions, incentives, motivations, demand and needs for the use of digital technologies by business and citizens;
  • Preparation of proposals for the formation of the Governmental Committee for the Development of the Digital Economy and Society;
  • Development of an action plan to stimulate and support the implementation of blockade technology in the field of public administration and other spheres;
  • Stimulating the economy and attracting investment;
  • Revitalization and development of the internal market of ICT;
  • Provide a platform for rapid and qualitatively new kind of reforms ("digital reforms");
  • To make the Ukrainian economy and its sectors competitive and efficient;
  • Ensure the physical and fiscal accessibility of information technology for citizens.
  • Prospective Rating Goals for Ukraine (based on global development indices):

  • 20 Digital Economy and Society Index 2025 (EU);
  • 15 Global Innovation Index 2025 (GII, INSEAD WIPO);
  • 20 Networked Readiness Index 2025 (WEF);
  • 20 Broadband Penetration Index 2025 (ITU);
  • 20 Global Competitiveness Index 2025 (WEF).
    1. Expansion of cooperation with local/regional authorities in support of innovations

    Work is being done with local government officials to support and implement innovative projects within the framework of the local concepts of SmartCity. In particular, the development and implementation of innovative projects simultaneously with the search for possible sources of funding in the cities: Sumy, Bila Tserkva, Dnipro, Chop, Vinnytsia, Ternopil, Poltava and others.

    1. Support for innovative projects

    Innovation Market Experts and High-Tech Office Ukraine have begun work on a number of important digital projects. As  known, within the framework of the public document "Digital Agenda for Ukraine 2020", which was developed by specialists of High-Tech Office Ukraine and a group of experts of companies - the world and domestic leaders of the high-tech market with the assistance and support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Committee On information and communication of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Administration of the President of Ukraine, a number of important areas of digital transformation were identified. Among them:

    1. Overcoming digital inequality

    In the modern world, broadband internet technology has become not just a means of data transmission, but also a significant factor in ensuring favorable conditions for the development of public administration, economics, science, education and culture. Our common goal is to ensure that all citizens of Ukraine, without any restrictions of a technical, organizational or geographic nature, can take advantage of the "digital" world.

    To implement this ambitious project a project team has been formed at Hi Tech Office Ukraine. It’s main  task is to develop and implement the "Broadband Internet Access" project  based on of the existing state-owned fiber-optic infrastructure. The project is running together with leading and local communication service providers, some state-own companies, IT service providers and other companies.

    Created a project team.

    1. Smart City, Urban Smart Infrastructure

    With the aim of practical implementation and realization of projects for the digital transformation of economic and managerial infrastructure of Ukrainian cities, which are today one of the priority areas of activity of local communities of Ukraine, Hi Tech Office Ukraine together with a number of cities launched the DigitalCities-DigitalUkraine project. The Memorandums were signed between  Hi Tech Office and some  cities of Ukraine in order to establish  the  common approaches and possible unified solutions for Ukrainian cities for the effective and systematic implementation of Smart City projects and technologies.

    Created a project team.

    1. Public safety and protection

    Human life and its safety, law enforcement and public restraint are the priority tasks for modern Ukraine. The creation of 112 System in Ukraine is the only way to join the common digital space of public safety&security in the EU. System 112 will allow to expand access to emergency services to the all population of the country, increase the level of public safety inside the country, improve the efficiency of management of emergency services and reduce the negative consequences of emergencies. Recently, the specialists of  Hi Tech Office Ukraine has been joined the working group working on the implementation of this system in Ukraine.

    Created a project team.

    1. Digitalization of the social sphere

    The digitalization of the social sphere should focus on improving the quality of social security infrastructure, the quality of social services, the organization of transparency and targeting of social assistance, as well as the reduction of the corresponding costs. There are 15 issuers of 357 different privileges in Ukraine at the moment. However, there is no information exchange between them. There is no clear control of the privileges provided by the state. To solve this problem Hi Tech Office Ukraine together with MasterSard and the State Innovation Finance and Credit Institution are working to create a "Unified Center for Non-Financial Services Processing". It’s activities will focus not only on the processing of social transactions, but also will enable the processing of transactions of many existing commercial bonus systems and loyalty systems, and create effective coalitions of loyalty.

    1. Electronic payments and payments

    The development of non-cash payments, payment infrastructure and lower demand for cash is one of the important issues for reducing cash flow in the economy. That is why we are working on the project "Cashless economy" and in particular on the Draft Law of Ukraine "About the provision of payment services by the payment service provider (regarding institutional improvement of the financial market of Ukraine for the adoption of Ukrainian legislation to the legislation of the European Community) ". This Law will regulate the provision of payment services by a payment service provider in the financial market of Ukraine for conducting payment accounts, making payments, issuing, providing circulation and repayment of electronic money.

    1. Interaction with authorities:

    Interaction with the authorities is carried out at the central and local levels. In particular, the Memorandums about Cooperation were signed:

  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
  • Sumy City Council;
  • Office of effective regulation;
  • PO "Public council of smart cities".
  • Preparing for the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation with:

  • National Bank of Ukraine;
  • Government Agency of e-Governance;
  • City Hall of the Dnipro city;
  • Sumy Regional Council;
  • City Council of Belaya Tserkov;
  • Chop Town Hall.
  • Interaction with the authorities is aimed to participation in the coordination and implementation of innovation projects at the state and local levels.

    1. International cooperation

    The channels of cooperation with potential partners and investors through the diplomatic missions of the following countries are set up:

  • Korea;
  • Canada;
  • France;
  • Sweden;
  • Switzerland;
  • India;
  • China;
  • USA;
  • Japan

  • February 23, 2018