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“Digital Agenda for Ukraine” Work is gaining momentum!

Work is gaining momentum! We are growing quantitatively and qualitatively!

After the presentation of the first version of the document, which took place on December, 27 2016

(https://drive.google.com/…/fol…/0B8Oa6Q2zfKDSN2Q2MnNJd1NXa0U),  the working team has expanded significantly! On January,13 2017 “Digital Agenda 2002” working group were joined by representatives of Verkhovna Rada, presidential administration, and PWC, OOO “Ernst and young”, HUAWEI, KPMG, McKinsey and others to further work on the document and the mechanism for its implementation

In the new phase, we improve the paper developed an algorithm for its implementation in the Ukrainian economy, develop an operating model management processes in relation to the goals and objectives of the DA.

January 16, 2017