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Study-tour within the framework of the project “Technological on the Development of Women in STEM-companies”

The Public Association HI-TECH OFFICE UKRAINE participated in the study-tour within the framework of the project “Technological  on the Development of Women in STEM-companies” organized by the Public Union STEM-COALITION with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

During the trip we learned about:

– The Technology Pact, the Netherlands – an initiative that has been circulated to other countries of the world, including, with changes, to Ukraine;

– The work of the Netherlands Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of Economic Development and Climate on the implementation of the Technology Pact in all sectors of the economy and in all areas, the development of human potential and the improvement of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education

– About various public initiatives that promote women in STEM, including VHTO (girls in STEM);

– Association of Universities and Centers of Expertise, in which companies with universities work together on innovations

Understanding the implementation of the Technology Pact in the Netherlands has become invaluable experience for introducing qualitative and useful changes for Ukraine’s development. The European government pays much attention to the technological development of the economy and society. From the perspective of European colleagues, almost 70% of the professions will need STEM skills in the future. Countries will lack staffing in the STEM industries. This completely coincides with the theses of the Digital Agenda of Ukraine 2020, which is being implemented by the joint efforts of the Government and business, and has become a peculiar Technological Pact for Ukraine at this time.
The Netherlands is among the top 20 economies in the world. In the Netherlands, in the times of the crisis, the economy was set at 9 sectors of the economy, which began to develop: agriculture, creative industries, chemical industry, energy, high tech, plant growing, medical and biological sciences and health care, logistics and water management. Partnership between government-university- companies and the establishment of public-private partnerships were  introduced  in these focus areas. And it is this approach, which is envisaged by the “The Concept for the Development of the Digital Economy and Society by 2020” adopted by the Government of Ukraine. At the meeting of the Coordination Council, 16 working groups were set up for the target sectors of the economy and priority directions.

The main objectives of the Technology Pact are the choice of the technological sphere at an early stage, the training of technology specialists and the opening of new technological vacancies. Also, these sectors develop the Human Development Strategy, specifically for better strategic business cooperation and education. Another important direction of the government’s activities is the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills. In order to achieve the goal, proficiency centers have created centers of innovation skills, and universities have centers of expertise, now they are 100 across the Netherlands, where 30-50 companies work together with universities, and students from the first year can join interesting projects. Such a detailed and systematic approach is an example to follow.

The Technology Pact, supported by three Ministries, municipalities, companies and universities. Today the Pact is supported by 60 companies,  regional and city plans for the implementation of the Pact have been developed. The STEM coalition of the Netherlands is an active participant in all initiatives. Each year, the organization, in conjunction with the ministries, monitors the implementation of the Pact. The idea of the Technology Pactt of the Netherlands has already been adopted in Denmark, Estonia, the Basque country, and also – Ukraine. (So, STEM, the Coalition of Ukraine launched the Technology Pact for Women in STEM, with the idea later to extend the Pact to the entire education system for both women and men.)

The trip inspired the expansion of the High-Tech Office and the creation of joint projects with STEM-COALITION of Ukraine and their partners.

July 19, 2018